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    Fishing Charters
    Who says he doesn't know Jack?
    Head shaking
    Craig Colterman hammers a bucket mouth off the dock on lower Jack Lake.

    Too bad he didn't have 4 lures in the water at the time as 4 mammoth bass cruised by just as we were getting ready to get into the boat for the days musky fishing.

    After I spotted the school cruising the shallows, Craig fumbled while trying to unhook the rapala from the rod.

    Splash diving
    Flubbing the first cast in a panic, Craig tries the second cast,
    and all 4 lunker fish race towards the lure. The fastest fish gets well hooked and goes through a circus act before being brought quickly to shore. A great way to start the days fishing.
    Released Jake Lake bass

    Sep 12, 2005 - 9:48:00 AM

    Fishing Charters
    Lake Ontario Report: "The Salmonator" gets 24 more pounds of salmon, but still not enough to get on the board!
    Weather was overcast but yeilded some fish, an 8lb rainbow and 24 lb. chinook. The fight was great but it just didn't have the ballast to get on the board. With only a couple of weeks to go the pressure is on.

    Your not going to win this tourney with disco shakers or even a 24 lber. I have got to kick it up a notch, getting out a little earlier. There is a lure in my box saying use me, but I just need to find out of 300 lures which one that is. TheSalmonator.com

    Aug 16, 2005 - 2:23:00 PM

    Fishing Charters
    Salmon are Slamon off Pickering
    "The Salmonator" popped a 24.5lb chinook today on a RAC spoon, 55 over 130. The fight was great as it thrashed on the surface doin 40 mph minimum with it's shark like dorsal fin catching wind and flapping in my ear. Man I love when that happens.
    Aug 11, 2005 - 2:20:00 PM

    Fishing Charters
    Ontario Musky Guide
    A large moon river muskie
    Another Georgian Bay Musky
    I've been lucky over the years to have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best Georgian Bay anglers around. My family and friends have been fishing Georgian Bay for for pike, walleye, bass and musky for over 30 years. I was first taught how to fish Georgian Bay by my father and uncle when I was only 14 years old.

    I am now 34 and more dedicated to the sport of fishing and the environment around me then ever before. All together I have been fishing the central Georgian Bay area for over 20 years for multiple fish species with the last 6 years primarily targeting trophy musky. I also have over 20 years of fly fishing experience for salmon, trout, bass, pike, musky, carp and I am one of the only guides in the Georgian Bay area that offers fly fishing opportunities for trophy sized pike and musky.

    After years of fishing the Moon River Basin and Georgian Bay, I have discovered some of the most productive patterns and area's to consistently find trophy sized musky and pike. As a member of Muskies Canada, O.F.A.H. and Trout Unlimited I am committed to Catch and Release and the conservation of our fisheries. I take pride in teaching safe methods of proper catch and release and make sure this is done with every fish to ensure that future musky populations remain healthy.
    Photo of large muskie prior to release.

    Clean Georgian Bay Muskellunge
    I've always enjoyed teaching friends and other anglers how to fish for musky which is why I starting guiding. Although many anglers are happy to catch muskies of any size, my ongoing pursuit of a new world record musky means I primarily fish for trophy sized musky using very unique specialized methods in areas capable of producing world record muskies. This is why I call Georgian Bay and the Moon River River my home waters.

    Solid Lund guide boat with 4 stoke outboard

    Apr 30, 2005 - 4:37:00 PM

    Fly-in Fishing
    Fly-in Fishing to Kesagami via Air Cochrane
    Flying over one of Ontario's 400,000 lakes
    Snare Lake
    If you are looking for a fantastic wilderness fishing experience for trophy northern pike, walleye and brook trout, then Kesagami is the place, providing an excellent remote fishing experience second to none in northern Ontario, Canada.

    Located in the wilderness of northern Ontario just below James Bay, Kesagami is legendary for its trophy pike and walleye fishing. "Explosive top water action", is how angler Denny Leeson desribed the pike fishing. The fish are located in less than eight feet of water which means that all summer long they are accessible to surface baits.

    Apr 3, 2005 - 2:37:00 PM

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