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    Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing
    Keffer's Ice Fishing Huts in Keswick Ontario
    Keffer's Marine and Ice Hut Rentals
    The Guide's Guide, Len Greene goes to Cooks Bay, Lake Simcoe for a slurry of Perch and hits into a school for what could have been a nice fresh lunch had we decided to keep any of the slimy blokers.

    It was an awesome day with no wind making it an excellent day for ice fishing on Cooks Bay in Keswick. We decided to check out Keffer's Ice Huts which is down by simcoe's waters edge in Cooks Bay about 5 minutes from town.

    Owner, Dave Keffer said fishing was good and that there was a lot of perch to be had and maybe the odd rogue walleye. We decided on approximately 4 hours of fishing which cost us $20.00 each.
    Opening up holes
    Dave hooked up a trailer to the snow mobile and Lee and I climbed in and had one hell of a bumpy ride out to the hut.

    In 10 minutes we were unloading and Dave broke out a large ice chipper and began to open up the holes which had iced over from the day before. With the rental of a hut you also get a full propane cylinder with a heater. In no time at all our cabin was toasty warm.

    Minnows was the bait-de-jour and we dropped our lines down to the bottom and then reeled the line up to just enough to keep the line tight. We had a few laughs for the first 15 minutes until we hit into a school of perch. I had a perch rig on which had 2 baited hooks and a second later had a double header. One plumper and one baby. Lee also landed a chubby one.

    Cooks Bay, Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
    Five minutes later another double header for me and Lee with another single of medium size. It lasted like that for another 10 minutes, we seemed to be bringing in one after the other. Then things got quiet, no Perch, no walleye or pike. 4 hours of ice fishing seemed to just zip by, but I'm sure if we had of kept all the fish we caught we could have very well got into one heck of a lunch.
    Keffer's Ice Huts
    I don't believe in keeping any fish unless they have some significant size and we didn't have any problem bring any of ours through the hole in the ice.

    We had a good time and hignly recommend at least a half a day at Keffers Ice Huts. I mean where can you have 4 hours of fun, enjoy the great outdoors, possibly catch a free lunch, or what ever else grabs your line all for only $5.00/hour each. For more information, contact Dave at Keffer's Marine, 50 Lake Drive North, Keswick, Ontario Tel: 905-476-4161 and book your ice fishing adventure.

    Len Greene, The Guide's Guide
    If you own a guide service in Ontario and want the world to know about your outdoor business, give Len from Ontario Fishing Guide a call and have him come up to your resort or fishing operation so he can check it out for real and feature an article on your business on the OntarioFishingGuide.com. You can reach Len by calling 1-888-776-6665.

    Feb 5, 2004 - 10:21:00 AM

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